Arrived in the early afternoon in Marstal, after some hours of wonderful sailing in sunshine and with 5Bft, The boat is amazing, keeps a solid course and is very fast.

Towards the afternoon the wind got less, around 7kn, but the boat still made nice 6.7kn (if I remember correctly)

In the evening enjoyed the shower… and found out that the most valuable coin is the 20 DK one (the one needed by the shower)


Arrived in Heiligenhafen and took over the boat, and went shopping, all the food and drinks for 2 weeks… and all this without a car. Ok, we should have taken a Taxi, instead we decided to drive the shopping cards to the marina… and then back.

After supplying the boat we debated if we should leave in the afternoon or wait for the next morning. The decision was to stay over night in Heiligenhafen so that we do not start on the first day with 6-7 Bft,

We take the Train

Ok, Sitting in the train now, after waiting in a pub for roughly 1h… and then additional 30 min on the concourse (or however this is called).

Travelling the first time since years with the ICE, and then a 90 min delay. And it arrived and left on a different track than announced. A man across the aisle in panic. He does not believe it’s the train to Hamburg. A family is fighting over the last bottle of water in the train. Mad Max…

All this not this bad, we are in the train, have seats… what could go wrong ? Oh wait… the train is going in the wrong direction. The train driver’s AC broke down, now they need to rearrange the engines. Anyhow, some 15 min later back in NUE, on the right path to the North!

4kg Camera equipment

Aloha. Yes, we’ll start soon… and I packed my backpack with all needed geeky stuff, lenses, 2 cameras (as I take an old film camera as well with me), tablet, charger, satellite comms, etc…

And then the zipper of my backpack broke, so I had to get a new one. Here you go:

Good enough for 2 small cameras and a set of lenses

Ready for the trip. All my precious in there… my precious…

Sommertörn 2019

Bald geht es los … auf nach Heiligenhafen mit der Bahn… und dann weiter nach Göteborg mit unserem Segeldiesel.

Die schlechten Nachrichten sind Algenteppich, teilweise sehr starke Winde, Regen und Gewitterfronten.

Die gute Nachricht ist, das wir den Algenteppich hoffentlich gleich am ersten Tag überwinden, wenn wir in die dänische Südsee fahren. Dort sollten wir uns etwas aufhalten. Wenn wir dann am Donnerstag in Anholt ankommen und Freitagabend in Göteborg könnten wir allen Regen und Gewittern aus dem Weg gegangen sein. So ist jedenfalls die Hoffnung heute 🙂

Heute fahren wir aber erstmal nur nach Hamburg…